Our Vision

Dr. A. H. Rizvi Degree College was established in 1997 by Rizvi Educational Trust with great vision to provide higher education in rural area.

Although it is a “Minority Institution” in character but students of all castes, creed, community and religions are getting admission without any kind of discrimination.

To undertake programme of rural development including any for promoting there social and economical welfare of, or the uplift of the public in any rural area and the funds the associations/institutions raised for this purpose would be utilized for the above object.

Our Mission

Without distinction and irrespective of religion, castes or creed to give relief to poor, relief to deserving, medical relief advancement and propagation of any object of general public charity, public institution, maintenance and support of the school, educational institutions, hospitals, relief of any distress caused by the elements of nature, give educational grants and assistance in advancement of learning in all its branches, establishing research work in connection with medicine, literature, technology, science, industrial starting professorships or lectureships or giving scholarship in any branch of medicine family planning, science, technology or commerce or law, giving free air to any charitable institutions, trusts, associations, organizations etc.

Endowments to different existing or which may hereafter come into existence for the purpose of encouraging education